Quality Steels and Expert Heat-Treatment

Royal uses only the highest quality steels in manufacturing our punches and pins, and our in-house computer regulated vacuum furnaces are pre-programmed to produce consistent quality parts for durability and top performance.


Custom capabilities

Royal manufactures special pins to print, in various grades of tool steels and stainless. We are especially known for our expertise in the manufacture of miniature precision parts. Simply send your sketch or print via mail, fax, or e-mail, for a prompt quotation.




Royal Ejector Pins and Core Pins are available with Permanent Dry-Lube® Treatment by Dicronite®.
Dicronite(tm) is a Tungsten Disulfide Coating which provides a thin barrier between opposing metal surfaces, preventing metal to metal contact. This barrier is a permanent addition to the metal surface and can only be removed by removing a portion of the substrate. Applied at room temperature and unaffected by the heat of the molding process, it will extend the life of the pins while providing fail-safe protection through the elimination of galling and seizing.

®Dicronite is a trademark of Dicronite Dry Lube


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